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Fall Plants

Choose the best fall plants for your loved ones this autumn. Whether you're sending a gift for Thanksgiving, Halloween, a special occasion, or just because, our beautifully blooming fall plants are sure to please.

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Fall Plants FAQs

What autumn plants make the best gifts?

Fall is a wonderful time to decorate a home or office with beautiful flowers and plants, making it an ideal gift to add some lively color and fragrance for your friends and family. With FTD, you can surprise your loved ones near and far by arranging a fall plant delivery to their home or office. We have a wide range to choose from, including lilies, daisies, irises, orchids, fall roses, and succulents as gifts. We also offer fall same day delivery for many of our autumn flowering plants, meaning you can rest assured your arrangement will arrive on time.

Succulents make a great gift because they suit any space, and you can style them to suit your home or office. You can add a splash of color using a brightly colored planter box or pot or keep it subtle with neutral shades. They're easy to take care of and will maintain their beauty throughout the year. Garden roses are another excellent choice for the fall season, particularly if you're buying for someone with the yard space to plant them. Again, you can choose from a range of shades to find something that suits your friend or loved one. Given roses are a classic choice, you can't go wrong with a beautiful rose bush this fall!

How do I care for a fall plant?

When seasons change, you need to adapt your plant's needs to make sure they're getting enough sunlight and water. Even indoor plants can be affected by changes in weather. If you've moved any of your indoor plants outside over the summer, bringing them back inside helps to protect them when the weather gets cold. It's also important to pay attention to how much light your plants get. For example, if you've got succulents, consider moving them to a windowsill over the cooler months and rotating them to ensure all sides get access to enough light. Finally, you'll need to water them less often during the fall season. Again, do a little research for your specific type of plant to find out how much they need, and be sure to always check the soil or potting mix before watering to make sure it's completely dry.

What other gifts work well with a fall plant?

Complement your gift with one of FTD's snack baskets, perfect for the sweet tooth you love. Our Sweet Shop includes gourmet gift baskets filled with treats from Ghirardelli, Mrs. Fields, and Godiva. Want to send a more sophisticated gift? Send delicious fresh fruit; choose something wonderful from our Wine & Champagne Shop, or make your gift memorable with FTD's personalized gifts. Aside from plants and gifts, FTD is known for its fresh flowers and floral arrangements.

Your loved one is sure to appreciate a flower bouquet of daisies, lilies, roses, tulips or orchids. Our professional florists create unique flower arrangements that liven up any room in the home. If you're looking for gift ideas, look no further than FTD. Known for superior customer service and quality products, we've been the leading florist for 100 years. It's never too late to order flowers, plants and gifts from FTD; our same day flower delivery service ensures your gift arrives in the nick of time. And your loved one will enjoy fresh flowers for no less than seven days; that's our Satisfaction Guarantee.

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It's that time of year when the weather turns cooler, and the beautiful autumn palette of orange, yellow, and red takes over. Just as you prepare your garden and home for fall, there's no better gift to send a loved one than a vivid fall plant from FTD. We offer plant gifts for every autumn occasion, including Halloween and Thanksgiving. Or send a plant for no other reason than "just because." Whatever the reason, FTD helps commemorate the season. With house plants, the possibilities are endless. Shop our full range of fall flowers and fall gifts today to organize your delivery.