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Preserved Roses

It’s a timeless, romantic tradition to send red roses to tell someone you love them, celebrate a milestone anniversary, or reveal your true feelings to someone special. Anyone who’s ever received a gorgeous delivery of roses remembers the excitement they felt upon their arrival.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that gorgeous bouquet of roses you received to mark a special occasion could last more than just a week or two? Now, you can enjoy long-lasting roses all year long with exquisite, preserved roses from FTD.

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Preserve the Moment with Preserved Roses in a Box

Commemorating a special occasion like an anniversary, birthday, or any other romantic milestone with a bouquet of roses is the ultimate expression of love and romance. The only problem with a regular bouquet of roses is that the object of your affection only gets to enjoy their splendor for about a week or so before they start to wilt, fade, and shed their petals all over the table. Once that starts to happen, there’s nothing left to do except throw them away, where the memory of your romantic gesture is nearly forgotten. However, when you send your sweetheart preserved roses in a box from FTD, she’ll be reminded every day of your love for her.

Send Preserved Roses with FTD Today

Say more with flowers all year long with preserved roses from FTD to keep the magic of your special moment alive longer. Check out our entire collection of both preserved and fresh roses available for delivery in a vibrant variety of colors. Shop all flowers by FTD to discover an impressive array of flower bouquets and gifts perfectly designed to match any special occasion for everyone on your list. We make gift-giving easy with same-day flower delivery so you’ll never miss the chance to show the special people in your life how much you care.

Preserved Roses FAQs

What are Preserved Roses?

Preserved roses are not made of silk, paper, or any other material but rather real, live roses that have been cut at the peak of their beauty and ready to preserve. The roses are then uniquely treated with a mixture of glycerin and other plant materials that hydrate the flower and stems to keep their lifelike appearance while removing the water and sap that would lead to the natural decay that happens with live, untreated flowers sitting in a vase. While all fresh roses are unquestionably beautiful, sending the gift of preserved roses guarantees a gorgeous bouquet of flowers that seem as if they’ve been frozen in time with perpetual beauty. Your recipient will get to enjoy the vibrancy and joy of their preserved rose bouquet for an entire year or longer!

How Long Do Preserved Roses Last?

Imagine an exquisite bouquet of long-lasting roses that remain as vibrant and beautiful to look at as the day they arrived for a full year! Preserved roses are real, live roses that have been specially treated to maintain their peak of beauty for a full year or longer!

Just as traditional roses come in a variety of colors, FTD also offers preserved roses in an array of aesthetically pleasing hues suited to your preference. Search our online selection of preserved roses in a box to choose the perfect, long-lasting roses to mark your special occasion. Pink roses are symbolic gifts of grace, elegance, and femininity. A delivery of pink roses are an ideal gift for an engagement, new baby, Sweet 16, prom, or a new relationship. Instead of a traditional bouquet of roses that need to have their stems cut and kept in a vase full of water, FTD offers fresh, long-lasting roses in a beautiful box to put on display anywhere in your home or office. Every time your sweetheart sees her beautiful box of preserved roses, she’ll think of you and the magical moment you celebrated together. Preserved roses are a truly remarkable, unique gift to send to commemorate a proposal, an anniversary, milestone birthday, the birth of a child, or any other life-affirming moment you want to remember and celebrate! Make the moment last all year long with preserved roses in a box from FTD.

Are Preserved Roses Worth It?

There are ways to preserve regular roses to last longer than a week, but not like the specialty preserved roses in a box offered by FTD. Drying out fresh flowers can be tricky, and even if done properly, they will not keep their original shape or fragrance, not to mention that they’ll be dried, faded, and crumpled. Preserved roses are specially treated to keep their original beauty and freshness for a year or more, so it’s like having a fresh bouquet of stunning roses that simply fails to wilt. The preservation process maintains the roses shape and vibrant color that is lost when flowers are simply dried. When preserved roses are kept sealed in the box, they have been known to last as long as three years! That’s a lot of bang for your flower buck! These long-lasting roses are artfully arranged in a decorative display box so you can enjoy them all year long and preserve that same excitement you felt as the day they first arrived!