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Passover Gifts

Passover is a sacred time of year for the Jewish religion that is rich in meaning and traditions. Whether you are looking for something for friends or family or to add to your own celebration, FTD has an elegant selection of Passover gifts for sale that will properly honor the holiday.

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What is Passover?

A week-long festival that lands in March or April each year, Passover (Pesach in Hebrew) commemorates the exodus of the Jewish people from Egyptian slavery. Based on the bible, the name Passover derives from when God "passed over" the houses of the Israelites, sparing their children, during the last of the ten plagues. For many Jews, Passover is the most important of all Jewish holidays.

Decorating the seder table with floral Passover gifts

Seder (Hebrew for order) is a ceremonial dinner that marks the first, and sometimes, second night of Passover. Much like coming home for the holidays, Seder is filled with symbolic foods, Jewish rituals, storytelling, singing and prayer. Meticulous detail is put into the event, especially the Passover seder tablescape which blends long-held Jewish traditions and decor with fresh, bountiful flowers and plants. A lovely Passover gift delivered to your seder host, FTD has a variety of luxurious bouquets in vases and baskets as well as lush, flowering plants in classic pots that will arrive at their door ready to display on the Passover seder table.

Traditional Passover flower colors and types

Typically, Passover floral displays incorporate blues and whites in either the flowers themselves, the container or the embellishments, such as ribbons. However, some Jewish families like to go with  bright and bold colors, such as yellow tulips or pink roses, to celebrate the freedom of the Hebrew people. Conventional Passover flower types include lilies, violets, carnations and irises. Yet, regardless of the flower selected, the idea is that they exude joy and happiness. The Clear Skies Bouquet or Loving Light Dishgarden are just a couple of the festive online Passover gifts that FTD has to offer. Combine them with one of our Passover gift baskets for an unforgettable gesture.