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Coworker Gifts

With the amount of hours we put into our jobs, it’s not surprising that we build strong bonds with coworkers - some are almost like family. With those friendships comes celebrating successes and comforting hard days. In honor of those times, let them know you care with a thoughtfully selected coworker gift delivered to their office.

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Say thank you with a coworker gift online

Ahhh… office dynamics. Although they can be tricky at times, relationships with our colleagues can be a very rewarding part of why we enjoy our work. We work, laugh, cry and confide in these people. For the mentors that guide you or the peers that push you, take a minute to recognize the all-stars in your work life with a coworker gift for sale from FTD. Red carnations and hydrangeas are gorgeous symbols of admiration and gratitude. Or send a sweet treat to share your appreciation.

There is no ‘i’ in team… but there is in gifts!

Let’s face it, work is just hard sometimes. Sending a meaningful coworker gift can go a long way in building an energized, team atmosphere. Has a peer been struggling with writer’s block? A lavish green plant for his desk can help inspire creativity and boost productivity. Is there a department burning the midnight oil for an upcoming client event or sales pitch? Treat them to a pick-me-up with a Starbucks® or Godiva chocolate gift set. Coworker gifts delivered to the office are a great way to motivate staff, build camaraderie and enhance morale.

Want a more professional coworker gift? Don’t worry, we got you!

Although we may have friends in the workplace, we also cultivate relationships as coworkers. Whether you are celebrating the completion of a months-long project or their promotion and new office, FTD has a variety of professional coworker gifts online, such as the modern succulent or a charming orchid, that are perfect for any occasion.