Ranunculus Flowers & Bouquets

The ranunculus flowers have a gorgeous, rose-like blossom made of hundreds of layers of thin, soft, tissue-like petals and can brighten any room or someone’s day.  Ranunculus bouquets are the newest craze for brides, particularly for spring weddings. Show your romantic side with a ranunculus bouquet.

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What are Ranunculus Flowers?

Elegant ranunculus flowers, also known as Buttercups or Coyote’s Eyes, have multi-layered, spiraled-petal blooms that truly excite all who come in contact with them.  Actually, known to have inspired both Native American and Persian legends, the ranunculus flowers can arouse romantic feelings as well.  Ranunculus bouquets are simply stunning with these versatile, striking and fairy-tale like blooms that look as if they glow.

Ranunculus Bouquets for All Occasions  

Ranunculus bouquets are a favorite among brides as the ranunculus flowers represent charm, attractiveness and beauty.   In fact, women love to be compared to these whimsical flowers and their layers of exquisite petals and astonishing beauty. While stunning on their own, ranunculus bouquets will not detract from a beautiful bride on her big day, but only add to her magnificence.  Plus, with all the vibrant ranunculus colors to choose from, each bride is sure to find the right one, or perhaps two colors to compliment her wedding.  And remember ranunculus bouquets make great table centerpieces too.

Ranunculus Flowers Delivered to Your Door

A ranunculus delivery is not limited to the big day and is perfect for many occasions, or just a spectacular way to make someone smile, or perhaps blush.  As a symbol of attraction, ranunculus flowers can be your next best pick-up line.  The lush and intricate blooms of the ranunculus flowers are sure to impress any new acquaintance.

Order Long Lasting Ranunculus Arrangements at FTD

Whether wanting a classic, elegant arrangement, or one that is more modern, ranunculus bouquets are versatile and FTD carries a variety that is sure to please.  The crepe-paper, thin petal bloom of the ranunculus flowers adds an incredible amount of glamour to any arrangement. Furthermore, ranunculus colors range from dazzling light to vivid dark colors, in other words, a beautiful, intensity of color to choose from.  Ranunculus flowers have long-lasting, mildly scented blooms and require very little care.    Inspire that special someone with a ranunculus delivery from FTD.