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Thinking of You Gifts

If you think it, say it! There’s no time like today to let someone know that they’re on your mind. An out-of-state grandmother, an old college buddy, a girlfriend studying abroad - taking a little time to send a thinking of you gift can have a big impact.  And with international flower delivery, you can let them know whenever - and wherever - the mood strikes you.

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When words escape you, send a thinking of you gift  

Sometimes life gets so tough that we just don’t have the words. The tender gesture of having a meaningful thinking of you gift sent really speaks volumes. An elegant bouquet of bright roses evokes heartfelt messages of love, grace and friendship. When you can’t be there to hold their hand, FTD’s carefully selected thinking of you gifts for sale beautifully convey loving sentiments that feel just like a warm embrace.   

Send a thinking of you gift just because

Did you smell her perfume in a crowded elevator, hear the song he used to whistle while working in his woodshop or see the restaurant where they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary? Regardless of whatever caused them to pop into your mind and spark joy in your day, pay the good vibes forward. Surprise your loved ones or friends with an unexpected delivery of delight by sending a thinking of you gift right to their doorstep.

Thinking of you gifts bursting with goodness

Everyone loves a care package - even more so, a fancy care package! FTD offers a brilliant selection of mouthwatering, handcrafted thinking of you gifts. Whether your nephew just started college and is feeling homesick or an out-of-town friend is now an empty nester and missing her kiddos, no matter the occasion, knowing we are on someone’s mind lifts the soul. Order a unique thinking of you gift online like ice cream cone cake pops or a chocolate delights basket and spread smiles near and far.