Delphiniums Flowers & Bouquets

Delphiniums, commonly called larkspur flowers, are perfect for brightening up mixed bouquets and celebrating summer birthdays. These towering blue flowers have a pleasant fragrance and airy round blooms. Add some roses or carnations to a delphiniums bouquet to bring some spring freshness into your home or office. We also make it easy to have a bright bouquet of delphiniums delivered straight to a friend or loved one's door.

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What Are Delphinium Flowers?

Delphiniums are named after the Greek word "delphis," meaning dolphin, for their long tapering stalk of small, outwardly blooming flowers. While some other color variations exist, delphinium flowers are typically known for their shades of radiant blue (they're often used to make dyes). The more colloquial name "larkspur" comes from the spur-shaped, sometimes prickly inner petals, which often ad a soft white or yellow contrast to the rest of the flower.

A Delphiniums Arrangement is Perfect for July Birthdays

A larkspur bouquet accented with other lightly colored summer flowers is sure to bring a smile to a friend or loved one's face. While their bright, feathery stalks are well-suited to any joyful occasion, delphiniums are the official birthday flowers for people born in July. Their sweet smell and vibrant blue hues are the perfect complement to everything from white roses to lilies and carnations.

Show Someone They Matter with a Larkspur Bouquet

Larkspur flowers symbolize an open heart and strong connection while at the same time expressing lightness and levity. A mixed delphiniums arrangement can convey love and passionate attachment when larkspur stalks are bundled with red roses or tulips. Or show your heartfelt condolences for a friend or loved one's loss through a bouquet of delphiniums, lilies, and carnations.

Order Delphiniums Online for Easy Delivery

We have a wide range of mixed bouquets featuring delphiniums, and our convenient online ordering makes it easy to have flowers delivered wherever and whenever you need. Surprise a friend with a colorful arrangement sent straight to their door, or enjoy these elegant, towering blue flowers in your home or office. Find a stunning arrangement of delphiniums online with FTD for your next special occasion!