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Flower and gift shop
Tour the Wine Country
Starting at $139.99- 1900 miles
Tour the Wine Country with three delicious wines and gourmet foods. Each gift arrives with Lemon Almond Biscotti 8 oz., Sonoma Jack Cheese 4 oz., Spanish Manzanilla Olives 2 oz., Picnic Salami 6 oz., Napa Mustard 1.75 oz., Nunes Farms Pistachios 8 oz., Water Crackers 4 oz., and Ghirardelli Heritage…
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Thank You Wine Trio
Starting at $54.99- 750 Miles
…Prosecco from Italy, and Kenwood's Yulupa sparkling wine from California. These bubbles are sure to light up any celebration. Poema Cava Brut: Vibrant aromas of ripe peaches, pears and toasted bread with a hint of spice fill the nose of this Spanish sparkling. Layers of flavor include orange rind…
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Napa Valley Wine Gift Set
Starting at $99.99- 250 Miles
…expect from Napa. The Napa Valley Wine Gift Set includes one bottle of Zinfandel and one bottle of Chardonnay along with a variety of gourmet treats, including Sonoma Jack's Original Cheese 4-oz., Beef Summer Sausage 5-oz., Three Pepper Water Crackers 2-oz., Spanish Manzanilla Olives 2-oz., Nunes…
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Executive Selection Wine and Gourmet Gift
Starting at 22,400 miles
Spanish Manzanilla Olives, Caramel Popcorn, Focaccia Crisp Crackers, Picnic Salami, Lemon Almond Biscotti, Parmesan Peppercorn Cheese, Paper Napkins. Due to the popularity of this gift, wines or vintages sometimes sell out. Should this happen, we will substitute with the current vintage and wines
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A Perfect Pairing
Starting at $79.99 $44.00
…Jacks Original Cheese 4-oz, Beef Summer Sausage 5-oz, Three Pepper Water Crackers 2oz, Spanish Manzanilla Olives 2-oz, Nunes Farms Spicy Spicy Cocktail 5-oz., Beth's Chocolate Chip Cookies 2-oz, and Napa Mustard 1.75oz. This product is sold and shipped by, a licensed retailer of wine.
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