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Just for Mom Mothers Day Mini Rose
Starting at $24.99
As sweet as all of the love she has shown you through the years, the Just for Mom Mother's Day Mini Rose Plant is a gift your mom will absolutely adore! A simply beautiful mini rose plant arrives flaunting pink booms amongst its dark green foliage to give her a gift of blushing grace. Presented in a…
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The FTD ® Sunlit Simplicity Dishgarden by Better Homes and Gardens ®
Starting at $59.99
white mini calla lily plant sits side by side with a pink kalanchoe in a rectangular wooden container with the word, "Garden" displayed on the front, creating a wonderful gift for any occasion. GOOD planter includes a white mini calla lily plant and a hot pink kalanchoe plant. BETTER planter includes…
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Blooming Azalea Bonsai
Starting at $39.99
foliage of this garden beauty planted in an Asian style ceramic container in assorted colors. The Azalea blooms twice per year with promising beauteous blooms from May through June, an a lighter bloom showing during med-September through October. This popular blooming plant will make this perfect impression…
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Magnificent Mom Mothers Day Bamboo Plant
Starting at $39.99
The Magnificent Mom Mother's Day Bamboo is a unique treat she will cherish for years to come! Easy to care for and endlessly charming, this heart-shaped bamboo will simply make her day. Arriving with lavender pebbles and a clear glass square container and tied with a pink satin ribbon embossed with…
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Mom is Love 6.5-inch Mini Rose Plant
Starting at $39.99
Blooming with an elegant beauty and simple grace, our Mom is Love Mini Rose Plant is the perfect way to show your mom how much you care this coming Mother's Day! A gorgeous mini rose plant arrives blossoming with pink flowers amongst its dark green leaves to create a wonderful display of love and light…
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Hyacinth Bulb Trio for Mom
Starting at
Send Mom a beautiful spring surprise! The Hyacinth Bulb Trio for Mom is a unique arrangement of hyacinth in two shades of pink with white to create a beautiful ombre effect, which is also carried through in the matching box planter. These beautiful blooms will bring the liveliness of how much you…
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Soothing Lavender Plant
Starting at $39.99
The Soothing Lavender Plant will renew their senses with its lush beauty and infamous scent. Flaunting its purple blooms amongst bright green foliage, this elegant lavender plant arrives seated in a lavender decorative wrap to create a gift that will bring its natural calming effects to your special…
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Color Inspirations Calla Lily
Starting at $44.99
Inspirations Calla Lily Plant is an incredible blooming gift to send to your special recipient to celebrate spring's arrival! A gorgeous calla lily plant displays beautiful fluted blooms in an array of colors, including purple, yellow and pink. Bright and simply eye-catching, this flowering plant will convey your…
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Thank You Mom Mothers Day Azalea Plant
Starting at $59.99
love and support! A gorgeous azalea plant displays bright fuchsia blooms amongst lush, dark green foliage to create the perfect blooming gift. Arriving in a periwinkle blue tin container with a metallic silver accent on the front that reads, "Mom", this azalea plant will help you convey your love and…
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The FTD ® Choice by Editor Purple in Bloom Windowbox by Better Homes and Gardens ®
Starting at $69.99
in Bloom Windowbox. Sweep them off to a sunlit garden with this exceptional gift of blooming plants in soft, cool shades. A lush and lovely lavender plant takes center stage offset by 2 blue campanula plants, all beautifully seated in a wooden window box container to create an incredible gift that will…
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Garden Ready Mothers Day Watering Can Dish Garden
Starting at $39.99
Make mom's day with our Garden Ready Mother's Day Watering Can Dish Garden! Bringing together a collection of beautiful plants, including a dieffenbachia, known for it's bi-colored leaves, a peperomia displaying bright green, lush foliage, and an African Violet, showcasing brilliant purple blooms amongst…
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Calming Grace Peace Lily Plant
Starting at $34.99
The Calming Grace Peace Lily Plant is an exceptional blooming plant that is a wonderful gift for a wide variety of occasions. Known for its lush foliage and brilliant white flowers, this spathiphyllum plant is a hardy indoor plant that is both beautiful and generally easy to care for. Presented in a…
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The FTD ® Style Elements Dish Garden by Better Homes and Gardens ®
Starting at $49.99
beauty's brilliance with this dish garden bursting with captivating color. An eye-catching combination of a blue hydrangea plant, a yellow mini rose plant, a pink splash plant, and a pink begonia arrives seated in a designer green tin container to send your warmest wishes and sunniest sentiments.
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Lush & Lovely Dishgarden
Starting at $44.99
The Lush & Lovely Dishgarden is a simply stunning collection of our most vibrant plants! Featuring a kalanchoe plant displaying bright pink blooms surrounded by an ivy plant, dieffenbachia plant, and a nepthytis plant, this incredible dishgarden offers your special recipient a fresh arrangement that…
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Violet Views Blooming Basket - GOOD
Starting at $29.99
pink violet plant in a white woven handled basket, accented with a satin lavender ribbon for an eye-catching look of blossoming beauty. A wonderful gift for a birthday, birth of a new baby, Mother's Day or to celebrate the spring months ahead. Includes two 3-inch African Violet plants.
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Serene Peace Plant
Starting at $39.99
A graceful peace plant arrives in an embossed sage green ceramic container. The peace plant, or Spathiphyllum, has showy white fan-like blooms above its dark green foliage. These hardy plants are perfect indoor plants and will be a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness. Approximate height including…
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Sunshine Spirit Mini Rose
Starting at $29.99
yellow metal container decorated with a white daisy magnet for a sweet and cheerful look. GOOD plant is approximately 4.5-inches in diameter. BETTER plant is approximately 6.5-inches in diameter. BEST plant is approximately 8-inches in diameter.
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The FTD ® Signature Style Window Garden by Better Homes and Gardens ®
Starting at $49.99
gorgeous plants, including a mini phalaenopsis orchid exhibiting blushing violet and orange blooms, sits pretty next to a lush bromeliad plant displaying a dark violet center. Presented in a window box container that features suction cups at the back to easily hang on a favorite window, this plant duo will…
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