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Flower and gift shop
Color Inspirations Calla Lily
Starting at $39.99- 660 Points
…simply eye-catching, this flowering plant will convey your warmest wishes in honor of Mother's Day, a birthday, or as a thank you or get well gift. GOOD plant arrives wrapped in a designer floral paper. BETTER plant arrives in a natural woven basket. BEST plant arrives in a designer container and…
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The FTD ® Citrus Sightings Lemon Tree by Better Homes and Gardens ®
Starting at $64.99- 900 Miles
…tree blooms frequently and sets fruit even with the first year of being planted. Presented in a burlap bag tied with a sage green ribbon, this lemon tree will make a great gift as we head into the spring months ahead. Plant in the container of your choice and bring indoors during the winter months.…
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The FTD ® Signature Style Window Garden by Better Homes and Gardens ®
Starting at $49.99 $39.00
…gorgeous plants, including a mini phalaenopsis orchid exhibiting blushing violet and orange blooms, sits pretty next to a lush bromeliad plant displaying a dark violet center. Presented in a window box container that features suction cups at the back to easily hang on a favorite window, this plant
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Magnificent Mom Mother 's Day Bamboo Plant
Starting at $49.99 $39.00
The Magnificent Mom Mother's Day Bamboo is a unique treat she will cherish for years to come! Easy to care for and endlessly charming, this heart-shaped bamboo will simply make her day. Arriving with lavender pebbles and a clear glass square container and tied with a pink satin ribbon embossed with…
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The Color Your Day with Beauty™ Mini Rose Plant by FTD ®
Starting at 3,300 miles
The Color Your Day with Beauty™ Mini Rose Plant by FTD ® is a stunning display of bold color to give your special recipient a gift that reflects their own unique charm and grace. An exquisite mini rose plant displays brilliant fuchsia blooms amongst lush green foliage to bring bright…
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Better Homes and Gardens ® Succulent Wreath
Starting at $99.99- 250 Miles
FTD ® proudly presents the Better Homes and Gardens ® Green is Gorgeous Wreath. Nothing says spring like fresh pops of green to brighten your rooms from the winter months passed! This stunning and on trend succulent wreath is the perfect way to brighten your front door, or wall space, adding…
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The FTD ® Best Dressed Dish Garden by Better Homes and Gardens ®
Starting at $59.99- 900 Miles
…Garden. Sweet and stylish, this collection of plants is sure to delight your special recipient with its blushing beauty. A kalanchoe plant flaunting tiny pink blooms takes center stage amongst three lush and lovely succulent plants to create a chic plant arrangement. Presented in a rustic wooden box…
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Dwarf Jade Bonsai
Starting at $39.99- 660 Points
…representation of nature's undeniable grace and beauty. Easy to care for, though in need of bright light, this bonsai displays lush green leaves and elegant branches while seated in a ceramic bonsai planter. Container color may vary. Bonsai arrives ready to assemble with plant, tray and rocks.
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Pony Tail Palm Bonsai
Starting at $49.99 $39.00
…a free flowing mass of green atop a sturdy trunk. Arrives in a hexagon ceramic dish. This palm plant makes a great houseplant requiring moderate watering and sunlight. Decorative stones are included. We have selected the best growers who take great pride in demanding only the finest plants for you.
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Seeds of Life Memory Tree
Starting at $39.99- 660 Points
Planting a tree is a wonderful way to honor a cherished person in your life. Whether it is to welcome the birth of a child, commemorate a milestone birthday, or to honor the passing of a loved one, planting a tree is a beautiful gesture. A symbol of strength and endurance, there are almost 60…
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Same Day Florist Delivered
Starting at $114.99- 1150 points
The Palm Plant by FTD ® brings natural beauty to any space with its incredible lush foliage. Known for their attractive splayed green leaves, this large plant arrives presented in a round graphite container to make it an ideal fit for any interior décor. Approximately 10" diameter.
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The FTD ® Cheerful Wishes Blooming Basket by Better Homes and Gardens ®
Starting at $64.99- 900 Miles
…and beauty with a basket of vibrant lush plants blooming to perfection. Gorgeously arriving in a natural woven basket are a collection of nature's finest plants, including a yellow mini rose plant, a white mini calla lily plant, and a gorgeous ivy plant, brought together to provide a source of grace…
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Same Day Florist Delivered
The Spathiphyllum Plant by FTD ® - BASKET INCLUDED
Starting at $64.99- 900 Miles
The Spathiphyllum Plant by FTD ®, or more commonly known as the Peace Lily, is a beautiful plant to help convey your wishes for tranquility and sweet serenity. An ideal gift for most occasions, this lush plant displays white conical blooms perfectly presented in a round woven container to make…
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American Heritage Phalaenopsis Orchid
Starting at $69.99 $59.50
The American Heritage Phalaenopsis Orchid is a classic take on an elegant orchid plant. Showcasing a regal and elegant look, this orchid plant arrives seated in a textured ceramic container to fulfill its promise of a classic charm we associate throughout every age in our history, honoring our…
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Same Day Florist Delivered
The FTD ® Florist Designed Blooming and Green Plants in a Basket
Starting at $44.99 $33.75- 750 Points
Can't decide which plant to send? Let our florist design something special with their most beautiful blooming and green plants in a basket. The combination will make a lovely presentation - appropriate for any occasion!
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Same Day Florist Delivered
The Chinese Evergreen Plant by FTD ® - BASKET INCLUDED
Starting at $109.99- 2200 Points
The Chinese Evergreen Plant by FTD ® is a popular indoor plant, known for its exquisite lush variegated foliage and easy to care for disposition. This beautiful green plant arrives presented in a round stained handled basket to give it a natural look, making it an elegant addition to any space.…
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The FTD ® Peaceful Path Olive Tree by Better Homes and Gardens ®
Starting at $69.99 $59.50
FTD ® proudly presents the Better Homes and Gardens ® Peaceful Path Olive Tree. A symbol of hope, peace and love throughout time, this gorgeous olive tree is a graceful gift your special recipient will love and appreciate for years to come. Displaying beautiful lush foliage and presented in…
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Mom is Love 6.5-inch Mini Rose Plant
Starting at $49.99 $29.99
…blooming plant is an exceptional way to express your thanks and gratitude to your mom on her special day. Each Plant measures 6.5-inches in diameter. May arrive in bud form. GOOD rose plant arrives in a silver metallic container. BETTER rose plant arrives with chocolates. BEST rose plant arrives…
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